Mommys Daughters 04

Mommys Daughters 04

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I`ll Be Mommy`s Good Little Girl! When Paige Owens finishes getting her license to be a therapist, her father suggests that her first client should be her step-mother Brandi. Brandi doesn`t know if its a good idea but goes along with it to help Paige start her practice.Alan and Adira are newly married and are looking for a home to make their own. Thankfully, both of their mothers are realtors. Dee and Ivy compete to make the sale, but which one will get the commission?Just married, Jane is disappointed that her husbands idea of a honeymoon is going to his mothers vacation rental. Dana welcomes them to her home and entertains Jane while her son is constantly on the phone working.While home for a visit from college, Alina`s step-mom London sits her down for a talk about her lesbian lifestyle. Alina explains that girls are better than guys, but thinks the only way London will understand is if she shows her.

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